Principal Investigator – SGRDUHS

Principal Investigator (SGRDUHS) : Dr. Gurinder Mohan

Dr. Gurinder Mohan
Sri Guru Ram Das University of Health and Science, Amritsar

Dr. Gurinder Mohan (Professor & Head, Department of Medicine, MD Medicine)

Honors and Awards

  • Honor to organize National Medicine update by Indian College of Physician (API) and National Diabetes Summit
  • Fellowship of Indian College of Physician (ICP) & Indian Association of Clinical Medicine (IACM)
  • Regional faculty of Certificate Course in Evidence based Diabetes Mellitus (CCEBDM) being run by Public Health Foundation of India in collaboration with Dr. V. Mohan’s Diabetes institute.


  • Mohan G, Kaur S, Kaur R, Aggarwal A. Echocardiographic assessment of patients with atrial fibrillation: International Journal of Advances in Medicine; June 2019
  • Mohan G, Dhir T, Chandey M. Prevalance and clinical profile of metabolic syndrome in hypertensive patients and its correlation with insulin resistance: International Journal of Advances in Medicine; June 2019.
  • Singh H, Mohan G. To study the incidence of lacunar infarcts in patients with acute Ischaemic stroke and its correlation with carotid artery stenosis: Current trends in diagnosis and treatment; June 2019.
  • Mohan G, Singh AP, Kaur R, Sikand TS, Hepatorenal syndrome: a chapter. Medicine Update 2018- IACM 2018 :349
  • Mohan G, Chandey M, Monga A, Dev P, Comparative study of detection of diabetic neuropathy by clinical and nerve conduction study in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. IJAM; April 2018:5(2):380-383.
  • Kaur H, Mohan G, Sharma V, Singh KP, Girgla K, Pal R, Singh H. Artery of Percheron infarct: a case report. IJRMS 2018 Mar; 6(3): 1035-39.
  • Mohan G, Kaur H, Kaur N. Sagittal sinus thrombosis secondary to varicella infection- A case report, IJRMS; Dec. 2017:4(6).
  • Kaur H, Mohan G, Singh H, Singh Gurraj, Anusha. Coagulapathy secondary to chickenpox-A case report, IJRMS; Dec. 2017:4(6).
  • Mohan G, Kaur R, Aggarwal A, Singh P. To study levels of serum fibrinogen in type 2 diabetes mellitus and its association with diabetic microvascular complication. IJAR. 2017;4(1):10-14
  • Mohan G, Kaur R, Singh G, Singh P. To study the prevalence of insulin resistance in non- diabetes hypertensive subjects. IJAR. 2017;4(1): 92-97.
  • Mohan G, Kaur R, Singla M. Prevalence of cognitive impairment and its association with cardiovascular risk factors in elderly population. IJAR. 2016;3(12):1151-56.
  • Mohan G, Kaur R, Bhalla N, Gill G. Vitamin D levels in Diabetes Mellitus Type –II and its correlation with HbA1C levels. IJAR.2016;4(3):12-18.
  • Mohan G, Singh AP, Kaur R. Critical care polyneuropathy. Medicine update. 2016; 26(313): 1623-26.
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Dr. Gurinder Mohan
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