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Shared Investigator Platform (SIP) is an industry standard SaaS collaboration platform that streamlines trial activities and data sharing for and between Sites, Sponsors/ CROs and related stakeholders, with the aim of improving operational efficiencies in a trial, reducing site burden on repetitive actions, digitizing study communications & document exchange and accelerating clinical trial timelines.
If you are a Research Staff (Site Administrator, CRC, Regulatory)
  • Register in SIP
  • Ensure your Institution/Facility is correctly setup and you’re affiliated to the Institution.
  • Send SIP invitation to your Staff and Investigators. Ensure they are registered and have the correct facilities associated in their profiles.
  • Assist Investigators in managing their delegates, completing their User Profile / CV and completing their Study site profile.
If you are an Investigator
  • Register in SIP when sent an email.
  • You can delegate your profile (including, uploading of CV & GCP Training certificates) to your staff.
    • It is recommended to also have Survey & Study Delegates identified and assigned.
  • Ensure all correct facilities / institutions are listed in your profile.
  • Ensure you are consented to all Sponsors * with whom you are willing to work
* Currently there are 6 Sponsors onboarded in SIP with more coming.
Activities between Sponsors and Sites
  • Conduct feasibility and site selection
  • Study participation invitation and Site start-up activities
  • Manage study specific trainings
  • Exchange study documents
  • Track and conduct study activities
  • Safety document review & acknowledgment
  • # Visibility for Sites into SIP Sponsors’ pipeline / upcoming trials
# Upcoming / Planned Feature

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I register with SIP?

You will receive an invitation email to register with SIP. Follow the instructions to complete your registration. For specific details, please refer to the SIP Registration Job Aid. You will not be able to self- register without an invitation.
In case you are facing any issue while registering, you can refer the SIP Registration FAQs which might resolve your issue.

How do I reset my password?

You can change / reset your password either in the login screen, or, after login you can go to Settings → Change Password page to update your password as well as security/challenge questions. Please refer Site User Job Aid Password Management for more details.

Will my profile be visible to all Sponsors?

During the registration process, you will have the option to select to which SIP Sponsors you want to provide consent. Only the consented Sponsor organization will be able to view your profile in SIP. At a later point of time, you can always update your Consent settings by going to Settings → Update SIP & IR Consent page. To maximize your trial opportunities, it is recommended to provide consent to all Sponsors.

How do I complete my user profile?

Either you or your User Profile Delegate can complete the profile on your behalf. If you are not an Investigator, it is not mandatory for you to complete all details in User Profile. However, it is essential that you should have a valid facility linked to your profile and a valid GCP training certificate, so that Sponsors can consider you for their studies. For specific details, please refer to the Manage User Profile Job Aid.

How do I delegate my user profile?

Once logged into your SIP account, hover over the Admin tab and click on Manage Delegation on the right side of the main navigation ribbon. Or, reach out to the staff assigned as “Delegation Manager” for your facility or department. Delegation Manager can assign/update your delegates, on your behalf. In case you want that the updates done by your User Profile Delegate is auto-approved, please go to Settings → Set User Profile Approval Flag and select the configuration as 'Approval Not Required'

For more details on Delegation, please refer to the Manage Delegation Job Aid. (You must be logged into the Shared Investigator platform, to access this document.)

Which facility / institution should I choose when completing my user profile?

The following facility profiles have already been created and registered in SIP. You should choose one from the following.
           • M S Ramaiah Medical College and Hospitals (Bengaluru, Karnataka)
           • Victoria Hospital, Bangalore Medical College And Research Institute (Bengaluru, Karnataka)
           • Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research and Seth Sukhlal Karnani Memorial Hospital (Kolkata, West Bengal)
           • NIMS Medicity (Trivandrum, Kerala)
           • SRM Institutes For Medical Science (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
           • Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (Amritsar, Punjab)
           • North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences (Shillong, Meghalaya)

What are the functionalities I may be asked to use in SIP?

As a site user, it is suggested that you ensure the following:
          - Completion of User Profile (optional for Staff, recommended for Investigators)
           - Assignment of Delegates
           - Consent has been provided to appropriate Sponsors
           - Check your Notification settings, under Admin → Manage My Notification Settings

In case you are assigned as a Facility Profile Manager (FPM) or Department Profile Manager (DPM), you will need to ensure that the Facility / Department Profile have accurate information for Sponsors to consume.

Subsequently, once you are involved / being evaluated in a study, respective sponsor and study needs will determine the utilization of the SIP functionalities, as per Sponsor’s business processes. Based on your role, you might have receive certain tasks (which require action in SIP) and notifications (mostly FYI communication) from Sponsors around the following modules / areas of SIP
           • Survey
           • Study start-up
           • Study Site Profile
           • Study Training
           • Document exchange
           • Safety exchange